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We Shave it All
   and we mean shave everything


  The Original Pussy Shaver

The Cleancut Intimate Area Trimmer and Shaver is a kind of multi-tool. I use mine for many areas and purposes around my body. I for one, like to use it as a facial trimmer, as it is quick, easy, andpussy shaver new painless; and gives you complete control to make a sharp corner or line.

I also use the small attachment to trim my nose hairs...Don't judge me! My girlfriend also like to use one to give any hair under her arm a quick trim and shaver on those stay at home holidays. But lets get back to the area we are all thinking about, the genitals. The trimming attachment can be used to trim the lawn so to speak, or to cut in a design, shape, or picture.

My girlfriend likes to make hers into logos and themes for me to guess, there is seriously no game I like playing more. But you can also trim the bush down to a manageable size, then shaver it all away with the shaving attachment.

Benefits of Pussy Shaver

For one of the smoothest shave you ever had, no cuts,razor burns or nicks just silky smooth skin. This revolutionary cutting system called the Ultimate Personal Shaver shaves so close to the skin it leaves behind nothing but smooth, sexy skin that is so soft to the touch.


Your Pussy Shaver Personal Shaving System includes :

  • Ultimate Personal Trimming Shaver
  • Ultimate Personal Finishing Shaver
  • Ultimate Shaving Talc
  • Talc Applying Brush
  • Discreet Storage Case
  • Fun Shaving Stencils
  • Mini Cleaning Brush
  • Complete Instruction

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 pussy shaver 59.95

pussy shaver

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